Why do wheel alignment?

If you want to see your car in good condition and feel comfortable while driving, you must not forget about the alignment adjustment. Although some may underestimate this service. Our car service in Tallinn will perform an important service efficiently, so that you are happy with the result!

To understand the importance of proper adjustment, you need to know what role correct adjustment plays in car operation. For the correct position of the wheel relative to the track during operation, the camber is responsible. It implies the optimal angle between the wheels and the road when viewed from the front. The camber is directly responsible for the angle between the wheels and the track when driving at various speeds and turns. Proper adjustment of the camber will provide reliability and safety, as well as protect wheel tires from quick and uneven wear.

Our car service in Tallinn will competently and professionally make the necessary settings, and you will change tires much less often than now!

Wheel alignment cost

Looking for a high-quality wheel alignment service – wheel alignment service center in Tallinn is ready to help you in solving all problems – welcome! Our masters have the appropriate qualifications and wide experience, they will quickly set up the mechanism. The price of the service will not hit your wallet hard and will allow you to get a quality result. Do not delay visiting the technical center – we are waiting for you at any working time!

When to do alignments?

First, you need to know what signs indicate the adjustment need and how often it needs to be done. If you find the signs listed below and want to make the adjustment – welcome to our tech center!

The following signs indicate problems in this area:

  • after the accident in which your car has been;
  • any work, repairs or adjustments have previously been carried out with the suspension;
  • in the suspension area elements were replaced;
  • with the onset of the new season, tires were replaced (from summer to winter, and vice versa);
  • tires are unevenly worn and frayed;
  • you feel the buildup of the car while driving, rolls appear on bends;
  • Your steering orders reach the wheelbase with a noticeable delay;
  • after hitting a road obstacle, the wheels and suspension are damaged.
  • the axis of the steering wheel and steering column are displaced relative to each other.

Any of these signs is reason enough to visit our service. Experienced craftsmen will diagnose and adjust using special tools.

Anyway, with any intervention in the suspension area, the alignment may change, and adjustment will be needed. To the question: do you need the wheel alignment after an accident, repair of the suspension or steering wheel area, buying a car, fast and uneven tire wear, we answer – you need it, we are waiting for you! Any malfunction entails unpleasant consequences and jeopardizes your safety. Better bring the car for diagnosis, and we will fix all the problems in time. So, in the future, you will not need to change tires often or spend money on repairing mechanisms.