Why It is necessary to make diagnostics

You surely do not want your car to “get up” somewhere on an empty highway or lead you into trouble? Then car diagnostics in Tallinn in our car service is what you need!

Your car can perform many functions and tasks, and its work, is provided by many complex mechanisms that are closely connected with each other. If one element breaks it causes malfunctions in other areas. Every day we go to work, on weekends we visit rest places, we go on picnics or on a family trip. The car shortens large distances and allows you to get to the destination “with the breeze”. However, to feel reliability, safety, and complete comfort on the road, you must monitor the complete serviceability of the car. This will help the computer diagnostics procedure, where special equipment will find the existing problems. Our car service in Tallinn will serve all brands – come and use quality services! Specialists here are highly specialized, and the price of work is affordable.

Types of car diagnostics

Professional car maintenance in Tallinn will help to avoid further unexpected breakdowns and big expenses for their repair. We will find hidden problems and fix them at the initial stage.

  • electrical equipment and circuits;
  • power unit (with special equipment);
  • suspension;
  • transmission (automatic transmission and manual transmission);
  • air conditioners;

electronic, such as ABS – anti-lock, HDC – traction control for descent from slopes, ASR – traction control, ESP and others.

Regular diagnostics of car systems in Tallinn will help to maintain performance at a good level for a long time. Our car service provides a wide range of services at a decent price. If you want the car parts to last as long as possible – come to us!

Diesel / petrol ICE diagnostics
If the engine has any internal problems, then this service will help to quickly find them and restore the most important unit. How to understand that the motor is malfunctioning? The following symptoms will indicate poor performance: the internal combustion engine warms up for a long time and starts up for a long time, you put a lot of effort to press the gas pedal, the fuel is consumed faster than usual, the power unit is intermittent and emits extraneous sounds.

Computer diagnostics will help to deal with all the problems!

Suspension / Running Diagnostics
The suspension system also needs periodic diagnostics. It acts as an intermediary between the car and the road, connecting them and allowing the car to ride on the surface. During operation, system components may be damaged or worn out. And so that an unexpected breakdown does not happen on the trip, we need a car suspension diagnosis in Tallinn in our technical center.

It is no secret how important the suspension is in ensuring safety, comfort, stability and maneuverability on the track. A big load falls on it. A periodic inspection will help maintain the chassis in excellent condition. We provide a price list with adequate prices so that you can service your car without financial loss.

Experts recommend run diagnostics every 10 – 15 thousand kilometers. In addition to the mileage, the characteristic creaks and knocks of the chassis during driving along various routes, the presence of a strong roll during cornering, backlash of the steering wheel, an increase in stopping distance, etc., will tell you about the need to visit the service. Regular diagnostics of car suspension price Tallinn – a “healthy” car!

Brake system Diagnostics
For a car driver with any driving style, good brakes are a guarantee of safety. To neglect diagnostics and timely repair in this case means to put oneself in danger. Any damage to the brake system that cannot be repaired in time can lead to an accident, this is worth remembering. If you need car brake system diagnostics in Tallinn – our masters will do it in a high-quality and professional way! You must also check the system after 10-15 thousand kilometers.

We have the best price in Tallinn – come to us if you notice an increase in braking distance, heating of brake drums, roll during cornering, damage to components and extraneous sounds.

Equipment for car diagnostics
Our car service offers quality service and a competent approach to all the problems of your car. A professional program for diagnosing a car is carried out by specialists, you can be sure about the result! Come and we will service the car in the best possible way.