Why do engine repairs?

An internal combustion engine is the most important part of a vehicle that needs to be monitored with particular care. We can say that this is the “heart” of the car, which sets in motion many complex mechanisms. If the engine will break down – the working capacity will drop to zero. If you do not fix any problem or breakdown in time, the entire motor may break. And its replacement and repair is an expensive pleasure. Our car service in Tallinn will help to deal with this complex unit, we guarantee favorable prices and competent service!

It is necessary to carry out engine repairs accurately and efficiently because the operability of the car depends on its serviceability in the future. Professional auto mechanics will conduct a thorough diagnosis, identify any breakdowns, and repair the power unit. Special equipment and modern tools that are used in the work increase the quality of the result. Looking for a good service in Tallinn – come to us!

Engine repair cost

We present a price list for all services on our website. We offer competitive prices for quality work, competent service, and excellent results. Power unit Repair is always expensive, but it is necessary to do this to ensure your safety on the road.

In what cases is it worth repairing an engine?

There are direct and indirect signs indicating a malfunction of the power unit. Knowing them, even beginners will be able to understand what is wrong and come to the technical center on time. We will tell you about them.

Direct signs:

  • You have noticed “colored” exhaust smoke. When the motor warms up, dark smoke may appear, but after warming up it should not be so. Black smoke indicates a problem.
  • The engine begins to “eat” a lot of fuel. In this case, problems can be with the fuel system, and with the quality of petrol / diesel itself.
  • You hear extraneous sounds, noises, or squeaks that you don’t usually experience when driving. They appear after the engine starts, may sound periodically or continuously.
  • Vibration has appeared. It appears due to the detonation process, a malfunction of the ignition system and damage to the ICE pillows.
  • The “Check Engine” signal on the instrument panel lights up.
  • There are floating revolutions, failures at start-up and operation of the power unit.
  • The acceleration and power of the car decreased, it stopped gaining maximum speed, the traction became worse.

And in general, the car operation has worsened. Do not delay the service, otherwise more problems will appear. We will carry out engine overhaul in Tallinn if there are many problems, but it is better not to bring this up and do a little repair in a timely manner.

Implicit signs of engine failure:

  • Oil smudges or soot remain on the pipe. In general, soot is a common thing, but it should not be too much. Abundance indicates a malfunction.
  • Oil is quickly consumed. If every thousand kilometers and more often you must add fuel, then this also indicates a problem.
  • Coolant disappears without obvious smudges.
  • An emulsion forms under the oil filler plug and on the dipstick.
  • Oil stains appear in the expansion tank.

We noticed one of the signs – come to the diagnostics. It is better to eliminate the problem at its appearance stage before it has grown into something more.