Why Vehicle maintenance ?

Cars are our constant companions. They reliably deliver us to our destination, provide comfort, safety, and pleasant driving emotions. But for the vehicle to serve possibly long, without unpleasant surprises and without you spending large amounts on repairs, you need a car maintenance center in Tallinn. This procedure, as a rule, takes place once in a certain period. The terms are set either by the manufacturer himself, indicating in the regulatory documents the time for maintenance or repair / parts replacement, or the master of the technical center after the next service approves. For each car, these terms can vary. And now there are many different information sources: sites, forums, etc., where you can find out the terms of service for your model and brand.

If you want your machine to serve for many years, and the parts wear out less and more slowly – come to our technical center, where you can get car maintenance in Tallinn quickly and inexpensively!

When do you need to carry out maintenance?

Our professional mechanics will carry out car maintenance in Tallinn: lubrication or routine maintenance, diagnostics and tuning of the motor, rear suspension and other works.

What determines the need to visit the service?

Mileage. If you have driven from 10.000 to 20.000 kilometers or more, this indicates the need for the car to undergo restoration procedures and check its condition.

  • Vehicle documents. As we said above, the manufacturer himself prescribes the time for passing the procedures, so you can follow them.
  • Operating time. At least once a year, car owners must take their car to a car service, as consumables and operating conditions will interfere with normal driving further.
  • The severity of the operating conditions. In cities with a million people, there are many cars; their owners should correlate the periods of vehicle inspection with the periods of motor vehicles maintenance (every 500 hours). The same applies to vehicles that are often operated on low-quality tracks.

The question arose: where can I get car maintenance, come to us! Specialists will carry out diagnostics, find hidden problems and fix them. Our advantage is speed, quality, and professionalism! We set adequate prices for work that will not hit the budget.

Reasons to sign up for car maintenance

For the reasons listed below, you can come to our car service in Tallinn and use the services:

The deadline for new maintenance.

  • You do not know when the last maintenance was.
  • If you need to replace a part and you decide to combine the two procedures.
  • Going on a long trip, during which problems are undesirable. We will provide quality car maintenance services – you will be happy with the result!
  • On the dashboard, one of the listed signals that warns about the need to visit the technical center: “Check engine”, “Maintenance period”, “Service due now”, “Periodic maintenance”, and so on.

Some car owners want the car’s units to last as long as possible, so they come to us not only on time, but more often. Remember – the more thorough the care, the better the condition and operation of the mechanisms.

Looking for a car service technical maintenance will allow you to maintain the car in excellent condition – we are happy to help you!

What are the consequences of not carried out car maintenance?

This procedure is highly important, do not underestimate it. Here are some examples of what can happen in a car if it is not given proper attention:

  • Oil that has not been changed on time can cause engine or gearbox failure.
  • Old filters not only stop cleaning fuel and air well, they begin to block their passage into the engine.
  • At the most inopportune moment, the timing belt may break, which is unsafe.
  • Failures of the brake system, for example, brake fluid has run out, can lead to problems in this system. And problems with the brakes are very bad.

Do not save on this service, come to us, and our mechanics will help to restore the units.