Why do tire fitting?

Like many car mechanisms, wheels are especially important. Do not underestimate their role and not give them due attention. After all, without wheels the car will not leave anywhere, even if all the units are in order. Unfortunately, not all motorists keep their vehicle in perfect order, and yet it will last much longer and will not bring unexpected troubles. To avoid problems, you need to know what symptoms indicate malfunctions. Or you can come to our car service in Tallinn, and after a thorough diagnosis we will help to cope with the problems!

We offer you to make tire fitting in our technical center. After all, it is not enough just to change the wheels, in the process you should consider many nuances to adjust the work in the right way. Our masters have extensive experience working with cars and will cope with this task quickly, you will be pleased with an excellent result! Changing tires and adjusting wheels is quick and competent. You need a service in Tallinn – we are always happy to see you at home!

Tire service prices

If you are interested in a reasonable price for a service, we are ready to make our offer. You shouldn’t worry about the result: the experience of the mechanics and modern equipment will make fine tuning and quality work without any mistakes! We carry out tire service at a car service in Tallinn for your cars – come at a convenient time. Quality, professional approach and excellent results – this is our brand. See detailed information on opening hours and contacts on our website.

In what cases should I do a tire service?

Such a necessary procedure as changing winter tires to summer tires and vice versa is included in the tire service. It’s no secret that this is necessary, but some prefer not to make a replacement, or not to do it on time. This can result in a problematic ride and poor grip. After all, each type of tire performs its functions and is endowed with individual properties. Winter ones adhere well to icy tracks covered with snow and ice. They do not allow the car to glide on the road like on a skating rink. Winter tires with elastic treads have less contact with the road. Summer ones, on the contrary, are softer and adhere more to the road surface. In winter, it is strongly discouraged to ride on tires designed for the warm season. Need a tire service nearby – we will replace the old tires with the current one quickly.

Do not forget about wheel balancing – this is also an important procedure. It is required after every 5 – 7 thousand kilometers. If carried out according to deadlines, then the ride will become more comfortable, the runout of the wheels is eliminated, the suspension is normalized and the load on it is softened. Use this service, it will help to avoid tire wear, disk deformation and damage to balancing weights. Balancing will save you money on repairing the undercarriage during future operation. Interested in the question: how much does tire service cost, the prices can be found on our website.